The Pearly Shells

THE PEARLY SHELLS SWING ORCHESTRA emerges from Melbourne's musical soup with a modern twist on a classic sound. This 10 piece "Little Big Band" has a style and looks reminiscent of the golden age of Ellington, Basie & Goodman, from the 'wall of horns' sound, right down to the Hollywood style, luminescent clam-shell stands.

The Pearly Shells can also perform in a variety of smaller (or larger) line-ups to suit your occasion.


The Pearly Shells have played some of Melbourne's best rooms including The Regent Ballroom, The San Remo Ballroom, Crown Casino, The Melbourne Club, BMW Edge Amphitheatre and The Plaza Ballroom.


The P.S. Trio - Piano, guitar, double bass
The Pearly Shells Quartet & Hot Five - Piano, double bass, sax, drums ( add guitar for Hot Five)
The Pearly Shells Swing Orchestra - 10 piece - 3 saxes, 2 trumpets, trombone, piano, guitar, double bass, drums.                                             
The Pearly Shells Full Big Band - 15 piece - 5 saxes, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, piano, guitar, double bass, drums.

Guest vocalists also available include Swing Siren Julie O'Hara, Queen of the Blues Kerri Simpson, R&B stylist Jodi Bell and Jazz Divas to die for Emma Franz, Rebecca Barnard, Nichaud Fitzgibbon and Shelly Scown.

Their pub residencies during the 80s and 90s have become legendary throughout Melbourne, particularly the packed-out New Boundary Hotel which ran every Saturday night from 1985-1994.

Preferring spontaneity to a set list, D&C still sound fresh today even after thousands of pub gigs, weddings, parties, TV appearances and all kinds of functions.

Audiences also get to hear a variety of the finest quality musical instruments including acoustic, electric and lap steel guitars, mandolin, banjo, dobro and harmonica.