Peter Miller Band

Peter Miller has performed extensively entertaining a vast range of audiences with a repertoire spanning many styles and genres.

His skills extend beyond vocalist to rhythm guitar, and an ability to read and communicate with an audience in a way that is testimony to his many years of experience.

His musical repertoire includes classic hits from 70’s greats such as Neil Diamond, The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones to the more contemporary sounds of artists like Bernard Fanning, Powderfinger, Coldplay, Ben Harper and Matchbox 20, just to name a few.



With an increasing emphasis on entertainment, Peter Miller is able to combine great material with great fun. He is quite comfortable starting the night off quietly with some classic unplugged versions of familiar hits and rising to the feature act, which sees the crowd dancing and singing along. He performs in a variety of formats, none of which include backing tracks.

As a Duo he mainly performs with Stewart Fraser (Noiseworks, Farnham) or Paul Popp (Blues/Rock Legend) both of whom are masters of guitar.